Apple IPhone 11 Pro Max – Goospery Blue Moon Diary Case


Goospery Blue Moon Diary For Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Goospery Blue Moon Diary For Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Available in:

– Black
– Brown
– Gold
– Mint
– Navy
– Red
– Pink
– Wine


Goospery is a brand name for high-quality phone cases & accessories, which are developed, manufactured and distributed by Mercury Co., Ltd. All Goospery products have a genuine hologram sticker on their retail package. Please check the original hologram and logo before purchasing in order to avoid fake products and to enjoy the unique high-quality product.


The next generation of diary case

Meet the Bluemoon Diary for a brand new experience. The Bluemoon Diary has enough pockets to replace your wallet, it is shock proof with a jelly-like component and it allows you to watch videos with the stand function. More and more you will fall in love with the Bluemoon Diary collection as you experience it.


Keep the basic design

Perfect design means “There is nothing else to take out from design”. Bluemoon Diary was created to maintain the original phone design. The design is timeless, and it will definitely make your smartphone shine amongst others.


Slim case even though pockets are completely filled

Replace your wallet with the Bluemoon Diary. Even with a credit card, identification card, business card, and some cash the case will remain relatively slim. The precise stitching finish adds on to the perfection of the case’s design.


Soft feel with tough hardness

Bluemoon Diary is made out of TPU, a material that is stiffer than silicon but softer than plastic. Tightly fitting on your smartphone, the phone case prevents dust from entering for cleaner use.


Watch your favorite media with the built-in stand

The current trend is to watch movies and videos with the smartphones, and the built-in stand has been implemented in Bluemoon Diary with that in mind. Bluemoon Diary is not just another smartphone case, but it is beyond what smartphone case should be.


My Own, one of a kind signature perfection

Premium PU leather was used for the smartphone case. With time, it will have a vintage like leather appearance. This is the reason why the Bluemoon Diary deemed to be timeless by many.


Smartphone function as is

The cut outs for the camera, speaker and power buttons are perfectly measured so that it won’t tamper with original functions of the smartphone.

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Gold, Mint, Navy, Wine, Black, Brown, Pink, Red


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